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Flabby bits? Cellulite? Hairy Legs?

As a massage therapist body image is an issue that is so common it cannot be ignored.

Affecting all ages in both men and women it can have a limiting effect on peoples lifestyle choices and happiness. I come across the whole spectrum of body

acceptance and awareness in my line of work. At one end there are the amazing people who strip off as they approach the treatment room door! At the other end, are the people for whom it has been a huge hurdle not only to book and then show up for their massage, but now they are really not sure why they did - as they begin to confront the uncomfortable fact that someone else is going to see their body.

When this is the case I always try to reassure clients that they really have entered a safe non-judgmental space. This concept is often so alien to the client who is experiencing body image issues it is hard for them to believe it. So just for the record I am happy to massage a person who is fully clothed. Another reassuring fact is to know that I too have my body image stuff as well. This is why I use lovely, big flannel sheets to drape over my clients - No skimpy towels at CK Massage!

I hear many people apologising for lack of exercise, weight gain or speaking negatively about their bodies on a daily basis. As a massage therapist I think the human body is an amazing, wonderful and fascinating thing - we really do place so many demands on it we should appreciate it more fully. Part of my work involves me providing a space in which you are able to relax in and reconnect with your body - to focus on yourself it's really not about me! I had a new client the other day who was not convinced when I said I really don't look at peoples' cellulite, flab or hairy bits! But it's true - I think peoples' bodies are amazing! Even hairy, flabby bodies!!

When I massage I notice how your muscles fit together for you - How your lifestyle is portrayed in them - not in a judgmental way, but in a curious and rich tapestery of you way.

I look for patterns of tension, for areas of restriction for those stiff, sore or niggley bits and how to help alleviate them, I think about how best to work with overworked stressed areas, compensatory areas - I am not looking at flabby bits, cellulite or hairy bits!

If you are feeling self consious about a certain area and it makes you cringe even to have it touched then yes you should say something, I will of course respect this. If telling me that you are hairy or flabby somehow helps negate the shame of an unwaxed leg then please voice it and I will pour on the extra TLC a massage can give you! I too have areas that I am self conscious about, but I have faith that the massage therapists I see really don't notice!

So the point of this blog is if you are feeling too flabby or hairy to seek out a massage - Please don't let it stop you it could be an incredibly positive experience -free from judgement in a positive safe and caring environment.

Massage therapists love people and getting our hands on your muscles -we really do think bodies are beautiful in every amazing size and shape they come in!

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