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What do you get for a $120 Massage at CK Massage?

Updated: Jan 11

For a lot of people, money is the biggest obstacle to getting regular massage.

There, I said it.

We don’t like to talk about money, it’s supposed to be a private issue. But I'm addressing it head on.

Regular massage is a considerable budget item, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

We know this because:

  • We walk the walk and get regular massage.

  • We are crazy tight with finances too, so if we don’t plan for an expense it doesn’t happen.

But if we expect you to jiggle the numbers and budget $120 for a massage every week, month, or quarter, it’s our job to tell you what you’re buying. So here it is, what you get from a 1 hour, $120 massage.

Clarity in Pricing

What I charge is clearly listed here and in our clinic.

Your initial visit will have an additional consultation added to the treatment while I work out how best to help you by understanding your medial history and how your daily tasks effect you and your body. I need to understand your current health to ensure we are able to provide the most beneficial treatment – today and into the future.

Ease of Scheduling

Scheduling tends to be the second biggest obstacle to getting regular massage. We never think of scheduling massage at a time that is actually convenient to call.

You can schedule with us online right here.

If you have restricted availability don’t forget to check out all our therapists – just because one therapist isn’t working doesn’t mean there aren’t appointments available.

Got an emergency? Give us a call - we might be able to “juggle” other appointments to fit you in if something has unexpectedly gone wrong.

You can call the clinic on 0412 761 994 to schedule. (We may play a bit of phone tag since we might need to call you back between clients, but leave us a message and we will ring as soon as possible.)


You get my absolute full attention. For 1 hour, you are my sole focus. You are the reason I am in the room. I am here to help YOU create an oasis of calm, nurturing and yet empowering in a world of stress and hurry.

I welcome you to a safe non judgmental space created just for you.

Need silence? or feeling chatty? I can accomodate either. Want me to finish a little earlier so you don't need to rush to your next appointment? Sure.

Hot stones? Cold stones? Not a problem. Prefer to remain clothed. Absolutely.

Just fix my neck.

okay - give me an hour!

You get your own dedicated time. No phone. No demands. Just you and your needs.


What it is like to have a therapist with 1000's of massage treatments and hundreds of hours of continuing education under their belt. I have travelled and studied all over the world in order to deliver my expertise in Scar, chronic pain relief and lymphatics just for you.

All that experience and training is reflected in the recommendations I give you for post-treatment care. I won’t tell you to book again in 2 weeks if you don’t need it – there is no “standard” time to schedule another treatment. Post Treatment recommendations are chosen to ensure you get the best possible outcomes from your massage even after you leave the my treatment room.

Clinical prudence

I won’t practice any techniques that are unsafe for you and your health condition/s.

In general, people with high blood pressure that is unmonitored or unmedicated should not receive a Hot stone massage, people on blood thinners should not be getting deep tissue massage.

Ditto that for people in treatment for cancer.

It’s also unwise to do aggressive stretching on pregnant women.

These are called contraindications, and we don’t mess around with them.

Proper qualifications

There are plenty of massage therapists offering discounted massage, operating under the radar. Everyone has a story of a “bad massage experience”, and these often take place in less-principled businesses who employ staff with little or no recognized training.

If a therapist is operating without all the proper qualifications, their insurance may be voided in the event of claim. And your ability to claim from your private health fund could be affected too. That’s scary stuff right there.

We are pleased to display the Diploma's of all our staff - we are proud of the hard work they represent and want you to be aware each member of the team is fully qualified.

High quality massage wax

We only use the best products on your skin. The BEST.

You won’t leave our office feeling slimy or drenched in oil. As we only use a high quality beeswax imported from Scotland. You won’t break out from a cheap fragrance or preservative. Some therapists choose their products based on price. We’ve got our hands in this stuff for 30+ hours a week, so we choose our products based on quality. Only the best for you!

Our highland beeswax is absorbed into the skin, there is no residue which means you can come for the lunch-time massage and leave without feeling slimy or greasy. Or you can go on to do sports later in the day without your ability to be able to sweat being affected.

We will not use a scented product without your permission. We have a sensitive wax to cater to allergies and skin sensitivity. It does not contain nut oils, which makes it safe for those with nut-based allergies, leaving you with a beautiful silky and sensual feel after your massage.

Carefully chosen products

Any products we sell in the clinic have been carefully trialed and researched before we recommend them.

But we only stock products that we use – so everything has been tested by one or more of our staff and we are happy to share our experiences with you. Get first-hand experience, not sales talk.

You get to support a local small business

It’s just us! No conglomerate. No fancy management structure or corporate set up.

Just a locally owned business, employing staff, paying taxes, making a living, and participating in the same community we serve. We support local schools, donate prizes to sports clubs and athletes and shop at other small businesses too.

There are fewer and fewer businesses that can stay afloat in an era of big box stores, franchises and Amazon. When you pay $95 for a massage, you can be certain that money is staying in the local economy.

All that, from a $120 massage. Why not book your next massage now?

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