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Inspired by Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Claire’s Balm is a nourishing skin balm created with naturally healing plant extracts.


This is a healing balm you can put it on small wounds, grazes, swelling insects bites it is also a mosquito repellent.


Presented in a cute 30g tin.


Information on the herbs.

Yarrow has the capacity to stop bleeding when applied to a wound. Yarrow is also anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, antimicrobial, and wound healing so it is a good choice for shaving cuts, skinned knees, bleeding mosquito bites, and other minor wounds.


Comfrey is best used for treating broken bones, damaged ligaments, and tendons, and healing small wounds. The high levels of allantoin and rosmarinic acid found in comfrey cause rapid growth of new skin cells. It is not for internal use as causing liver damage.


Elderflower has uses as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-catarrhal, decongestant, relaxing nervine, it is great for drying up mucus from hay fever and flu.


Bog Myrtle is a Scottish herb and interestingly will be added to traditional wedding poses - Bog Myrtle has been used, and still is, as a mosquito repellent. The essential oil is now recognized as an effective agent against insects (especially mosquitoes).


In a Scottish study, volunteers allowed mosquitos free access to their arms. Only one arm was covered with a gel with bog myrtle essential oil. After 10 minutes the protected arm had average of 1.6 stings, while the unprotected arm had 9.4 average stings.

Bog myrtle is astringent and antiseptic herb with styptic, wound-healing and diuretic properties.
Traditionally it was used as a medicinal herb to treat wounds, acne and digestion problems. It should never be ingested by pregnant women due to it's abortive qualities when ingested.

(It is a healing balm think of it like tiger balm)

Claire's Balm


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