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Body Image Risk and Reward in Massage

Body image. Almost everybody has something about their body that they don’t like. For many people it’s a minor issue, no big deal. But some people have a major issue with their body image. It affects how they live and their happiness. 




 Most people react very positively when they find out what I do for a living - compared to other professions massage therapists have a  good reputation!


However it knowledge of my career can also illicit a less than favourable reaction. Whether verbally or through their body language, some people tell me that massage is not for them. Their body image is an issue  for them -they don’t think anybody else can accept them.



The paradox here is that massage can really help with body image issues.



Rewind to massage school -  as a young mother of three whose body had changed drastically over the last few years of pregnancies, births and breast feeding.

I remember a room of strangers - take off your clothes and let a person you just met touch you -confronting - YES!   It didn’t take long for me to discover how good receiving massage felt even under those classroom conditions. I began to realise the human body is miraculous and fascinating.
Then something unexpected happened – when my body felt better I felt better about my body.